Wide Computer Systems

Making IT Happen for The Middle East Hospitality, Retail and Leisure market is the goal of Wide Computer Systems (WIDE).

WIDE was founded by professionals who have years of experience in the Middle East region, providing technology solutions to help clients improve their operations, enhance staff performance and increase revenues. Understanding customer needs has been one of the key areas of focus for Wide Computer Systems in its journey since 1998.

This has helped WIDE to move with the market and introduce solutions to fulfill and automate various operational requirements of the retail and hospitality industry.

After bringing in The Point of Sale and Materials Management solutions for restaurants in the Middle East, WIDE Introduced solutions for various operations such as sales & catering, revenue management, digital signage, guest service optimization as well as inventory and accounting areas of the businesses.

WIDE Computers offers state of the art solutions:

• Crux – ERP & Financial Accounting System.
• ShawMan Software – Restaurant, Club & Spa Management System.
• IFH – Quality Audits, Mystery Shopping, Mystery Calls , Training
• IDeaS – Revenue Management System
• Infrasys– Cloud POS Software
• FourWinds – Interactive Digital Signage System
• FASSBEAT – Feedback Management System
• Uniguest + – Business Center – Kiosk Security System