The industry’s most widely deployed and scientifically advanced solutions.

Pioneering an industry. Optimizing revenue performance and forecasting. Building long-term client partnerships that drive innovation. All of this goes into the world’s most widely used and advanced automated revenue management solutions, available exclusively from IDeaS. Our sophisticated yet easy-to-use solutions are a breakthrough for any hospitality organization—from large chains to single properties—that want to make an immediate positive impact on revenue and profitability.

With a few simple keystrokes you’ll be able to:

• Determine the most appropriate pricing in every situation
• Accurately forecast business demand
• Accept the most valuable business mix
• Account for lost revenues through cancellations and no-shows
• Evaluate the profitability of group inquiries
• Effectively distribute your strategy across all distribution channels
• Make time-sensitive decisions on the go with a mobile app
• Factor online reputation into your pricing decisions

Ideal Pricing Optimizes All of Your Business

From publicly available rates to loyalty programs, corporate-negotiated prices, wholesale groups and beyond, IDeaS helps you seize more opportunity by choosing a pricing approach that fits your business strategy. You can maximize revenue by room type across all business types, resulting in more efficient use of inventory that enhances shoulder-night business and reduces slow periods.

Only IDeaS employs unique, multi-product optimization to price and distribute key linked or independent products for the wider market or specific guest segments. Hoteliers can create independent pricing strategies that utilize multiple dimensions of demand, guest behavior and product attributes to build the most relevant price and product for guests.


Integrated Decisions and Systems, Inc. “IDeaS” is a leading provider of revenue management and optimization solutions that deliver measurable, guaranteed revenue increases. The Company has invented analytic decision n solutions that enable global organizations to manage Complex market segmentation, packaging, pricing and inventory management.

IDeaS enables global organizations such as hotel, travel and transportation companies to understand, anticipate and react to consumer behavior in order to optimize revenue and profits.

Founded in 1989, IDeaS Revenue Solutions – a SAS Company, offers industry-leading pricing and revenue management Software, Services, and Consulting to the hospitality and travel industries.

While we’ve been serving the hospitality industry for over 20 years, we’ve also been called on by industries as far-ranging as parking, airlines, transportation and event ticketing.

IDeaS was acquired in 2008 by SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN with our Global Technology center located in Pune, India, IDeaS maintains sales, support and distribution offices in North & South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and Asia.

No matter what we’re working on, our goal is to make revenue management so user-friendly, insightful, and profitable that revenue management professionals wouldn’t think of going back to the old way of doing things. We look forward to talking with you and working to exceed all your expectations.

Work with a true partner. Not just a software vendor.

We think of IDeaS Services as the people behind the software – people who understand and genuinely care about the hotel business. Most companies offer their software as-is and are only willing to help for a hefty fee. If that’s what your needs are, of course we can deliver our software and let you run with it. However, we’ve found that most hotels, even the internationally famous ones, do not fall into this camp.

The Services team works under the premise that anyone can offer software. It’s how you implement them that counts. They don’t consider the job done until your software is fully functional and you and your employees feel completely at ease with it.

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