Wide is proud to Team up with IFH International , leading Mystery Shopping provider in the Middle East and African region to provide Mystery Shopping , Mystery Calls, Trainings for Hospitality Industry. Contact us to know more about specific needs for your property and how Wide & IFH can help to  attain highest standards of quality control and meet highest standards within the Hospitality sector.

IFH In Prove has multiple auditing modules for mystery quality checks – for improving performance

Onsite Mystery Checks :

On Site Checks come in two options



On Site Checks Allows Properties to check all guest facing areas like

-Check in / Check Out  – Buffet Breakfast

-Room  – F&B Outlets

-Housekeeping  – Bars

-Room Service  – Spa

-Public Areas  – Health Club / Pool

Mystery Calls:

-Recent Data from SiteMinder (https://www.siteminder.com/r/marketing/hotel-marketing-ideas-tips/tracking-voice-reservations-hotel/)  shows that Reservation Calls are still relevant for the following reasons

-Voice reservations make a difference to a hotels campaigns

-They help properties gain a deeper understanding of its market

-Calls are more common than one thinks

-They secure cheaper bookings for the hotel

-IFH Mystery Calls Service Covers the following areas

-Room Reservations  – CRO’s

-Meeting & Events   – Banqueting

F&B Reservations  – Spa Reservations

Live Chat/Web Chat:

-IFH Live Chat is a tool to make sure that hotels offering live chats to its potential guests can evaluate the experience of the guests.

-IFH has invested into making sure that it has different ip’s so that the hotel chat agents do not get the chats from one country / region.

Mice Sales Cycle /Email 2 Conversion (E2C):

-IFH MICE Sales Cycle allows a hotel to check the following

-Speed Of Response

-Accuracy Of Response

-Standardization Of Response

-IFH MICE Sales Cycle has the following possibilities

-Email from a property company mail giving details of the Event

-A web site of the company which the hotel sales team can visit to see more details

-A telephone number on which the hotel sales team can call for any queries (optional)

-Site Visit after getting the proposal (optional)

F&B Mystery Check:

-F&B Checks come in two options



-F&B Checks Allow Restaurants to check the following

-Service – From time of entering outlet till departure


-Food offerings

Beverage Offering

F&B Integrity Check:

  • It’s estimated that 95% of all businesses experience theft at one point in time.
  • The National Restaurant Association even estimates that “internal employee theft is responsible for 75% of inventory shortages-about four percent of total restaurant sales.”
  • -34% of all 18-29 year old employees believe it is justifiable to steal from their employer.
  • 60% of business failures are a direct result of internal theft.
  • On Average $187,000 has been lost by the time the fraud is discovered.

F&B Integrity Checks for

-Foreign Currency Settlements


-Buffets / Brunches

-Split Checks

-F&B Integrity Checks will help outlets control loss of revenue

IFH Food & Beverage Revenue Cycle – Helping F&B Outlets Increase Their APC 

  • In Order to ensure F&B Revenue Maximization, IFH has devised the F&B Revenue Cycle
  • IFH F&B Revenue Cycle captures all the aspects of the F&B cycle and helps in increasing revenues
  • IFH F&B Revenue Cycle is carefully designed to ensure that Revenues increase by proper selling.
  • IFH F&B Revenue Cycle looks at Suggestive selling, Lateral Selling and Upselling.
  • Upselling is looked at carefully as it is a tool which can have negative results if not used properly
  • IFH F&B Revenue Cycle also considers In Room Dining which plays an important role.