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Terminating microorganisms using radiation energy from germicidal UV sources.

Packaged in a completely safe way that does not lead to any human exposure.

Mobile unit with castors. Easily movable one room to another easily by 1 person.

Easy to service and user-replacement of the UVC tubes is possible.

99.5% + efficacy. Performance that can be demonstrated.

Very simple plug and play device. Remote controlled Start/Stop operation.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 11.38.45


Operated Remotely

Automated system operated via remote control


Simple mechanical system - Plug & Play!


Automatic shut-off with 360 degree motion sensors for complete safety

EASE Of portability

Mobile unit for ease of transport within the facilities

short exposure time

Disinfection in 15-20 minutes - short exposure time

cost effective

Low operating and maintenance costs - easily replaceable components

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