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Joining Team WIDE.


We ensure to protect our customers, staff and assets following best international industry safety standards. By ensuring that the right safety measures are practised by all.

Financial Stability

Financial Strength and our global growth strategy as an organisation go hand in hand. Financial success gives us the ability to further invest in our people, technology and new business and operational initiatives.

Cultural Diversity 

Diversity of nationalities, cultures, religious and ethnic backgrounds enriches our workforce by bringing new ideas, innovations and thinking styles that lead to business success. 

Employee Benefits

People is WIDE’s core values, we offer a range of generous benefits to assist permanent employees who are recruited globally to live in Dubai. Our main focus is to ensure that the WIDE remains competitive within the market it operates in, to ensure we attract and retain the right talent. 

As an Organisation we are successful because we hire, engage and retain talented employees who match the ‘people’ capabilities we need. However, equally important is that these talented employees have their own priorities and career aspirations met as individuals. This alignment is our work force strength and leads to our business success.

Explore our Corporate Values below to see if they align with you as an individual and see why if you are a high performer you should join us to build a rewarding career.

There are many reasons why you should join us, and these all link to our values as an organisation. People are what make our business such a great place to work and if you fit the values that align with working with us then we know you will enjoy being part of our future success and expansion. We challenge you to recognise your potential and discover newer horizons.

“We always look forward to welcoming new dynamic talent as we proceed towards a different future.”

-Kamal Bhatia, Managing Director

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