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CRUX – a holistic, all-encompassing solution built around state-of-the-art technology, is an Award-winning, fully-integrated business management concept that rivals BIG business automation in terms of cost and practicality.

Proffering wide capabilities, its full, real-time integration makes CRUX the ideal solution for cost-conscious small and medium retail, restaurant, wholesale, and distribution and service businesses. CRUX integrates all your departments including accounting, purchasing, inventory, marketing, sales, RMAs, service, point of sale, management, shipping and receiving, for synergies that transform a small business.

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  • Over the years, CRUX as an acceptable business solution in the Middle East has grown to meet requirement of business varying to their size of operations and business demands.

  • The solution manufactured in the Middle East and for the Middle East market made it more user friendly and scalable allowing for the first customers to grow with it both in terms of solution size and investment.

  • Its State of Art Reporting Tool OLAP  is the most powerful Dashboard loved by  the users for the simplicity of use  and effective report

CRUX Retail Basic 

 Deployed for a single store single user small operation to only control the point of sale operations, and basic petty cash transactions, purchases & sales.

CRUX Retail Manager

A single store multi – user solution to manage the point of sale as well as control complete inventory with barcode printing, purchases and the finance operation, we call it bill to balance sheet.

CRUX Retail Enterprise

A holistic multi concept, multi store, multi user solution that can be deployed to manage the group operations, as well as individual company operations including areas such as logistics, manufacturing, costing, etc across the group.

CRUX Material Manager for Restaurants

The system provides for multi – user, multi currency, multi – restaurant, Multi – kitchen setup. Users can be defined and assigned with the appropriate rights to access the various options in the system. This setup shall also determine the base currency of reporting and the secondary currency, if any. The System control inventory of raw materials, semi finished & finished products, and helps manage food costs, wastage and pilferage using a well defined recipe control system.

CRUX Payroll 

 This module provides for the employee database and the payroll related details. Basic salary for e.g. could be apportioned against various accounts which helps in sharing the costs across the organization. Pay slips and Bank Letters can also be generated as well the summary sheet for all the employees and their earnings and deductions.

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