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Service providers with global coverage, IFH specialise in Mystery Audits, Integrity Audits and Operational Trainings. 

Get Ahead -



The IFH Mystery Shopping program for on-site-shopping or call shopping at the point of sales analyze your current performance from a customer’s point of view. In addition to identifying strategic areas of needed improvement, the program also provides a variety of integrated tools to allow you to make tactical enhancements in service and sales rapidly

IFH Academy -



IFH provides you with management experts and certified trainers from the hospitality industry.

All IFH Trainings have a clear focus on maximizing revenue and/or profitability, increasing sales or enhancing your quality- and service standards. 

Our key focus is making teams understand of need analysis and connecting with guests, to personalise a sale


-Revenue Management


-Front Office

-Food & Beverage


-Complaint Handling


-On-site Audits

-Call Audits

-F&B Audits

-MICE Audits

-Spa Audits

-Integrity Audits

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